Govt brings measures for ease of doing business

Since 2 January 2020, the three degrees of WHO (China nation office, Regional Office for the Western Pacific and base camp) have been cooperating to react to this episode of COVID-19. On 30 January, WHO proclaimed the episode a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). On 11 March, WHO Director-General portrayed COVID-19 as a pandemic. WHO is continually investigating information as we get it and working intimately with worldwide specialists on a scope of subjects. WHO is proposing explicit examinations to all the ones who are more likely to get transmission, hazard factors, and are the wellspring of the disease.
Proposed MSME, ease of doing a business bundle
The administration may before long give genuinely necessary alleviation to the MSME area through a monetary bundle among the key requests from MSMEs to hold over current liquidity and income challenges because of the Covid-19 lockdown. Nitin Gadkari encouraged organizations for an “incorporated methodology” to handle COVID emergencies and influence it to investigate new business openings.

Credit and Finance for MSMEs: The administration may before long give genuinely necessary alleviation to the MSME area through a money related bundle that has been among the key requests from MSMEs to hold over current liquidity and income challenges because of the Covid-19 lockdown. MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari in an online course on Saturday said that the legislature is probably going to declare an alleviation bundle for the MSME division soon. “We have sent proposals for an alleviation bundle to the Finance Minister and Prime Minister and I trust it will be reported soon. We will attempt to offer alleviation to the degree conceivable,” the pastor said tending to the e-occasion sorted out by the FICCI Ladies Organization.

The priest encouraged organizations for a “coordinated methodology” to handle COVID emergencies and influence it to investigate new business openings. Gadkari had before supported abroad Indian understudies also to take an interest in India’s reaction to Covid-19 test through circumstances in different zones of research, development, the executives, medication, advanced education, and so forth.

Reliefs due to COVID-19
74 percent independent ventures and new businesses are taking a gander at closing or downsizing their endeavors in the coming a half year battered and wounded by COVID, as indicated by a LocalCircles review a month ago getting 13,970 reactions. Additionally, 47 percent of respondents professed to have short of what one month of money left while 24 percent said that they had one-three months of capital accessible and 23 percent had three-six months of money.

Gadkari requested that independent ventures keep on concentrating on development, business enterprise, science, and innovation, inquire about aptitude and encounters to “convert the information into riches.” The pastor likewise recommended a decrease in expenses to stay serious. To furnish MSME, ease of doing business with their levy pending with government purchasers for as much as three-multi month, the pastor had in March raised concern saying that MSMEs are very nearly breakdown. Passing enactment is simple. There are 20,000-22,000 cases. In the meantime, from existing around 6 lakh rebuilt MSME credit accounts, the priest had said that the legislature will before long rebuild an extra 1 lakh MSMEs.

Proposed reliefs for MSMEs:-
#1. INR 3 lakh crores security free Automatic Loans to be provided to MSME Businesses, for a period of 4 years. #2. ? 20,000 crores Subordinate Loan to the MSMEs #3. ? 50,000 crores equity infusion to be done through MSME “Fund of Funds” #4. A new definition of MSMEs has been introduced #5. Now onwards, the Global tender would not be approved up to ? 200 crores.

ISO Certification for Tour and Travel agency

Travel Management Companies regulate some of the most undercover and sensitive information there is and work in a region that has a much greater environmental impact than other business services organizations. In this article, we will discuss on the ISO certification for Travel Management Companies and manage risks across the spectrum including Quality, Environmental, Energy and Information Security through integrated management systems.

Various Sectors Required for ISO Certification in India

Information Security

Through the Global Distribution System, the information and security resource is the vital requirement in the ISO certification for your and travel agency. There are numerous staff are handling and processing personally identifiable information (PII) on a regular basis, and should ensure that an effective Risk Management Process, such as ISO 27001 is in place as it also provides an additional benefit for the company.

Payment Security – PCI DSS

Through Bill-Back or direct certificate payments, Travel Management Companies are often in the scope of PCI -DSS and which is very demanding in tour and travel agencies.

Quality Management- 9001 ISO certificate

The travel industry is a people business, and delivering a high integrity service to the end-users is vital in retaining and growing business.

Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001 can be used to attain and analyses feedback, while also studying operational processes to identify improvements.

Benefits of Being ISO 9001 Certified

As we know having an ISO 9001 implies that you have an efficient management process in the niche to regulate the production process. It also unlocks the door for continuous improvement, In addition, it may accentuate shortcomings in production in decree to fix them immediately, rather than further down the line when it could impact appropriation and bottom line.

Advantages of ISO certification in India

1: Boost staff performance and overall productivity. Involved employees are encouraged to implement processes that are put in place to ensure that problems are quickly recognized and resolved in a timely manner. It also organized training and developmental programs for employees to equip them with skills to cope with the changing needs of customers. This will also ensure that your business will continue to opera efficiently even when key people leave.

2: Flesh Out Your Business Processes. A major factor component of ISO 9001 is having thorough business processes, and the ability to define responsibilities for characteristic control, as well as relaying those specifications to employees.

3: Less Waste and Improve Efficiency. Rather than focusing on mistakes after the fact, an effective the certification enforces a pertains improvement strategy, so you’re always, by design, seeking ways to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

4 Render an improved customer


The ISO processes enhance customer service for a variety of reasons. It recognizes crucial areas that are most significant and a priority to your clients. It then outlines the process of how you can impose based on their expectations and needs. After all, transmitting a product that decreases waste and cost norms you can bring more importance to your consumers, which will reinforce their loyalty to you.

Energy and Environment

The travel industry has a great carbon footprint, and Travel Management Companies have a commitment to manage this as far as possible. Seeming internally at the company’s assumptions is the best place to start, but in-direct effects can also be targeted, by notifying on the most valuable travel itinerary for travellers. Know more about ISO certification for Travel Agency.

Essential Video Marketing Tips For Internet Entrepreneurs

How would you like to have a blueprint for creating effective & compelling videos? Video marketing has become a must have skill for today’s Internet marketer. Bellow are some essential video marketing tips that i would like to share with you.

If you’re reading this article is because you either have started producing some video content or are getting ready to take the plunge, either way make sure you master these following steps for video creation.

Step 1 – Identify your customers needs

People are looking for solutions and you’re here to give it to them.

Ask yourself the following questions to identify these needs/problems

What pain is your prospect currently trying to get rid of?
What do they want more in their lives? (ie; love money, freedom, confidence, better mindset, being a leader)
what problems are they currently facing?
What are their fears that keep them up at night?
Step 2 – Address the need or problem
Create videos with free line content giving away your best techniques that address the problem thus creating trust and building rapport.
Don’t go into fear scarcity mindset – “i don’t want to give all my secrets away for free” The more you give the more headspace you create within you to provide more value to your viewers- content
Be unreasonable – break the mold and offer a unique solution.
Step 3 – Produce the Video
Create video teaching your technique
It can be a video of you teaching personally or if you’re a shy you can do screen capture video
Be passionate – people relate to emotions rather than cold rational words
Its not about you looking good, but about helping your prospect and addressing his/her problems so don’t worry about how you look or if the video is perfect, its about content.
Step 4 – Call to Action – What your viewer needs to do next after viewing your video
You’re producing a video for a reason, that reason is to drive traffic to your website, if you don’t ask your viewer to visit your site most likely they will not. Remember, people are looking for leaders and need to be told what to do. DON’T BE AFRAID.

You can use this line – “If you have enjoyed this video and want more information I want you to go visit
Offer your product or service on a sales page NOT on the video! – video is to create rapport
Be confidentt – Confidence sells, people are looking for leaders, sell that image.
Be unapologetic – you mean everything you say, he who identifies with your message will not mind the straight forward approach you have.
Be unattached to the outcome – don’t worry about whether or not people will or will not click through, the more people view your video, the higher your chances of converting. Don’t get attached to the outcome.
People buy on emotion, the purpose of your video is to stir those emotions and have them act on it. It’s important that you stay authentic and be yourself, do not imitate others, you have your own unique qualities. Identify them and leverage them.

Internet Marketing Mentor – Why I Chose a Mentor For My Business

Ever had that feeling of being lost and without direction? I was certainly at that stage once and had no idea where to go with my Internet Marketing business. That was until I got myself an Internet Marketing mentor and then things changed very quickly.

You see initially, I thought I was doing fine online. I made some money – nothing major but I self taught, took positive action and my efforts were rewarded.

However, I quickly became lost and lacked direction….

My sales dried up, my websites had no visitors and ultimately, I stopped making money.

Now if that is a situation you are familiar with, you will know how demoralizing that can be. I lost all of my focus and enthusiasm and started to lose my way.

It is for these reasons that I decided to get an Internet Marketing Mentor.

I seriously lacked ideas and needed fresh impetus and motivation from a mentor. Anyone can do a search in the internet search engines and find an abundance of free information and guidance but trust me, there are good reasons why this stuff is free.

I did my research and chose a mentor. I needed the training and mentorship from someone who had the knowledge and business sense to pass on to me to help me to become very successful online.

I also view my mentor as being a reliable safety net, so should I need advice or further guidance online, I now know where I can get the expert help from that I require.

To summarise, I would highly recommend any serious online entrepreneur to enlist the help of an Internet Marketing Mentor.

Remember – a mentor will take your business to the next level and offer unlimited support and guidance. That is exactly why I enlisted a mentor and you should too.

For the first time ever, my mentor will be opening his doors and letting you watch over his shoulder as he shows you his unique strategies that have made him tens of thousands of dollars online so far.